WS-24 : An AntiLock Wheel Speed Sensor from Bendix

In the datasheet you can read info about cable, antilock controller, output, wheel, visible damage, service, data, cycles, voltage cycle, foundation brake, operating hours, vehicle, mounting, housing, vehicle speed, resistance, new clamping sleeve, speed sensor, normal resistance range, and components. Many information about series, assembly connector, exciter, pole piece, engine, clamping, antilock, connectors, room temperature, recommended procedures, temperature, gap, signal, wiring, system, testing, information, sensor, and recommended are described in this datasheet.

The datasheet contains information such as antilock system, exciter ring, voltage, axle, block, sensors, mounting block, component, resistance range across, speed, resistance range, sensor mounting, air, axle housing, cable assembly connector, wheel speed sensors, tone ring, connector, and pin. Below are chosen from the datasheet:

The WS-24™ wheel speed sensor is an electromagnetic device used to obtain vehicle speed information for an antilock controller. When the wheel rotates, the sensor and an exciter ring (sometimes called a “rotor” or “tone” wheel) generate a simple AC signal. This signal is sent to the controller, which analyzes the data and commands the antilock system accordingly. Specifically, the speed sensor consists of a coil, pole piece, and magnet. The exciter is a steel ring or gear-like device that has regularly spaced high and low spots called “teeth.” The sensor is mounted in a fixed position, while the exciter is installed on a rotating member so that its “teeth” move, in close proximity, past the tip of the sensor. The WS-24™ sensor is available in both straight and right angle versions, to accommodate axle/wheel space limitations.

Also, this datasheet presents information things like controller, correct clamping, sensor installation, function, clamping sleeves, wheels, procedure, brake, normal resistance, replacement, operation, wire, systems, lead, pins, wheel speed, correct clamping sleeves, specific antilock, and magnetic field.

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