XE8000EV 120 Interfacing with Sensor, SEMTECH Application Note

In the application note you can learn things about sensor output, xe8000ev120 interfacing, evaluation board, power supply, interfacing, semtech products, offset cancellation, and transfer function. This application note tells us information such as measuring window, characteristics, adc, sensor, output signal, noise, and noise cancellation.

Lots of discussion like sensor actuation, output voltage, sensor hardware, pressure sensor, signal span, filter configuration, inputs configuration, and schematic are presented in the application note. Below are selected from this application note:

Filter configuration adapted As computed in §4.1.5, the filtering must be now adapted to the new gain. The filter chosen is moving average and the filtering value is 70. The “Filter” sub tab should now look like picture beside Figure 20 SX8722 “Filter” sub tab configuration for the new gain 4.1.7 LSB equivalence Using the defined ADC and PGA set-up, an equivalent input pressure per LSB can be calculated.

Even more, this application note contains more about sensor transfer function, sensor characteristics, xe8000ev120, input noise, sx8722 “pga”, sensor voltage, and power.

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