Xidex Force Sensor End Effector for the NanoBot ® System

Inside the product information we can get explanation such as system, force, scanning electron microscopes, sensitivity calibration values, and applications. The product information presents info around nanobot, force sensor, different mounting options, graphical interface, and feedback.

There are many info about testing, nanodevice fabrication, xidex, and sensor are described inside the product information. The following are grabbed from this product information:

T hese force sensors o perate as l oad cell s f or measuring forces with n anoNewton resolution . T he Model F S- 2000 a ccommodat es loads up to 2000 µN. The M odel F S- 180 a ccommodates loads up to 180 µN. Both c ompression and tension forces can be measured. T he sensor element, which is based on single c rystalline silicon, measures small forces with high p recision. Unlike most other l oad cells based on s train gages, the force sensors a vailable for use with the NanoBot m easure the load by a change of c apacitance. The readout electronics integrated in t he sensor package convert the load into an output v o ltage proportional to the force . A L abVIEW™ b ased application f or force feedback display i s i nstalled on a laptop computer running Windows O S which is provided with the system. Users can a lso create custom LabVIEW applications and add t hese to the applications library provided with the Nan oBot.

Furthermore, this product information tells us more around mounting options, product specifications, application, and force feedback.

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